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How it Works
Faster & Convenient
Using Payza Nigeria, you Enjoy Fast and simple payment for your JED electricity bill. Payza Nigeria gives you 24/7 online payment for your electricity bill with instant JED Meter Token! Experience online JED payments like you have never before.
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Recharge in 6 Easy Steps
Feek free to put on your JED Meter.
Sign up to Payza Nigeria using your Name, email, Phone number and password, then login afterwards.
Select ELECTRICITY from the available list of services.
From the Drop-up, Select JED, Enter your JED Meter Number, Input the amount you wish to pay for, then proceed.
Verify your Customer information is correct, particularly the Meter Owner's Name and Address.
Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank/USSD transfer on our secure payment platform and You are done with instant Token!.
JED Meter Recharge at your doorstep!
Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) is one of the major electricity distribution companies in Nigeria. JED has a franchise and Rights for the consumable distribution and sale of electricity across several states in Nigeria, which includes Benue State, Plateau State, Gombe State and Bauchi State.

Using Payza Nigeria, you are guaranteed the convenience of paying for your JED electricity bill anytime, anyhow and anywhere you want! You do not nessesarity need to leave your location or even move a foot; Payza Nigeria allows you enjoy te fastest and safest payment for your electricity bill right where you are, and instantly top-up your Jos Electricity prepaid meter online with just a few easy steps. Payza Nigeria is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can pay anytime and anywhere and forget about going to physical pay-centers and wait in queues before paying; save time and effort with Payza Nigeria.