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With PayPaddi Nigeria, you enjoy Instant Activations on each Gotv subscription you make! Experience online Gotv payments like never before.
Recharge in 6 Easy Steps
Make sure your Gotv decoder is fully switched on.
Sign up to PayPaddi Nigeria using your Name, email, Phone number and password, then login afterwards.
Select CABLE TV from the available list of services.
From the Drop-up, Select GOtv, Enter your IUC number, select the package you wish to pay for, then proceed.
Verify your Customer information is correct, particularly the Decoder's Owner Name.
Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank/USSD transfer on our secure payment platform and You are done with instant Activation!.
GOtv subscription at your doorstep!
GOtv is one of the major cable TV services providing family entertainment to many Nigerians. GOtv provides a wide selection of channels and affordable packages for every budget. Forgot to pay for your GOtv subscription at the shop? No worries! You do not need to stress yourself looking for a physical shop to renew your GOtv subscription any longer.

You can pay conveniently and quickly with PayPaddi Nigeria. Enjoy the ease that comes with paying online and watching your favourite TV programmes in minutes. You can pay for your GOtv subscription anytime and from the comfort of wherever you are in just a few simple clicks with PayPaddi Nigeria.